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Ian .


10th. February 2018

To whom it may concern .

I recently lost several molar teeth which made eating awkward.

I needed a solution and envisaged Implants to be the best course of action .

Accordingly I evaluated and visited several potential dental practices and advertised "implant centres" .

Most failed to impress me either regarding their facilities or attitude----

THEN I visited Atlantic and had a consultation with Dr. Peer Nelz.

Although a very respected Implant Dentist, for me he suggested a better alternative involving clever use of crowns and bridges .

This approach avoided surgery and could be performed with less chair time /anaesthesia ---and at less cost than implants -----

I was immediately impressed that Dr Nelz would put my best interests first --versus the more invasive and expensive implant route others had promoted ------

As part of the "bridge " procedure I also "gained" the crowning of four adjacent supporting teeth that either had large amalgam fillings or old and deteriorating crowns ---so six "new " teeth versus two implants !

At all times Dr Nelz and his Team gave me great ,painless and professional care .

I am delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend them to any one contemplating implants ---or serious dentistry !


Ian M .