Crown and Bridgework

 Bridge as an alternative to Dental Implant(s).


The upper right incisor has a crown with a root infection. The gum has receded by 3 mm.
An implant was recommended by several dentists. The CT-Scan showed a loss of bone under the gum which would resulted in even more recession after the extraction. The management of such a recession case is very difficult, expensive and time consuming (Bone Block Graft + Soft tissue graft necessary).

We therefore decided to restore the tooth with a bridge. After the extraction a gum graft and a temporary bridge was placed and left for 4 weeks. The final Zirconium -oxide  bridge shows an optimal result which would have been difficult to achieve with an implant.


Improved and stable gum line. This result would have been very difficult (invasive - block graft, expensive and time consuming) to achieve with implant treatment.

Labwork by City Ceramics