Orthodontic Treatments -Teeth Straightening 

Case Study 1 : Orthodontic Treatment - Teeth Straightening with fixed braces for 6 months.


The result shows a dramatic improvement. We fitted fixed brackets including a succession of archwires and removed a lower incisor as there was not enough space to integrate the tooth into the arch. Although there was another option possible this was the easiest and quickest method.

Case Study 2: clear (removable) aligners


This is a typical case for clear aligners: only a cosmetic correction of the upper left incisor is required. Clear Aligners have many advantages: no brackets = reduced risk of caries and/or gum inflammation. Aesthetically more pleasing as nearly invisible.
Disadvantage: the treatment requires discipline from the patient. If the aligners are lost or worn infrequent the treatment progress is compromised.