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Dental Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant Dentistry at Atlantic Dental

Dr Nelz places Dental Implants since 1997.
As with all manual skills: practice makes perfect.  Having placed hundreds of dental implants Dr Nelz is able to offer the whole spectrum of dental implant treatments. From Sinus lifts, bone augmentation (Bone Grafting), Ridge-Expansion to gum grafting. The in-house dental CT-Scanner  (=CBCT) allows precise diagnostic and planning of the position of the implants. Where a "newcomer" needs a considerable amount of time to plan and place dental implants- an experienced dentist can perform implant surgery far quicker and often less traumatic (due to faster surgery). Atlantic Dental has an in-house dental laboratory which allows the immediate casting of plaster models, fabrication of surgical implant guides, repairs and additions to existing dentures. All of these features make the practice well suited to provide dental implant treatments.  Implant Systems in use: we are using Implant Direct (USA), BredentSky Implants (Germany), Neoss (UK-Germany). Atlantic Dental also offers the "Teeth in a day" treatment. The concept describes a technique where the patient receives dental implants and a fixed (temporary) bridge at the time of the implant placement. That means the patient leaves the practice with fixed teeth and does not have to wear a temporary denture (which is often very uncomfortable).

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